Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A hole in my web*

To be attached yet alienated,
Appreciated yet hollow.
To fall from highest skies
Right into deepest mud
A thousand times a day,
Yet always walk head up high
Constructing the wall,
Thickening the wall,
That wraps all emotions
And veils all scars.

To succeed in leaving a scratch
Into the most fragile;
Yet never to be able to go too far.

To be the one and no one
The unique and the typical
The beloved and the whore
The lustful and the shameless

To be at the heart of it, adored
Yet outside of it, and totally abhorred


Knee said...

That was really good!
Loved it especially the last part.
I love poems that hold a lot of contradictions.
Keep it up ;-)
Allow me to add you to my list.


So we're two ppl now who like to highlight contrasts!

Loved it! sweet emotions for a change!