Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Multiple entombments.

She buried her morals last night

It took her few minutes to do it

No embalming

No eulogy

No grief

An act of pure senselessness

A natural interment

Of a product of the society

They were no longer needed anyways

She could do without them

She should

This is the path she chose

She stood on their grave this morning

With a bouquet of black tulips

No resentment

No regret

No relief

An act of pure pointlessness

She was paying respect to mother earth

For having to lodge her morals

For eternity

Her temple could not take this job

There was a clash somewhere along the line

She surrendered to her feelings

On the expense of her ethics

She will go back to the grave tonight

Mind you she doesn’t miss them

No nostalgia

No angst

No mourning

An act of pure calmness

She is going for different a reason

She will bury you with them tonight

1 comment:

marooned84 said...

Is she after peace of mind?