Friday, 3 April 2009

She* - revisited

She attracts weird people.

It is not her.

It is them.

And her.


You cannot be sane enough to enter her world.

You cannot be rational.

You cannot be of this world.

You cannot be mundane.

You have to be made of threads of dreams.

You have to feed on illusion and fantasy.

You have to daydream instead of breathing.

You have to let go of your values and your norms.

Are you ready to meet her?

Are you ready to see her, with the naked eye?

Are you ready to give up your morals and ideals?

Are you ready to twist your mind?

She dares you.

Yes you.

She will suck you dry.

She will haunt you down, till your last gasp.

She will be your sun and your shadow.

She will be your world.

She is capable of things that human mind cannot tolerate.

She is worlds apart yet right next to you.

She is in you.

She is you.

1 comment:

marooned84 said...

And she is worth the challenge.