Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday’s delusion

I call to ask you if you can help me masturbate – see the polish on my nails has not dried yet and I won’t risk painting my groin. She answers your phone with a horny voice, telling me that your hands are not free –they are fist fucking her.

I hang up. Grab my dildo and go to my bed.

Morning after, I wake up to see a text message on my phone “hey baby, how about I see you tonight?”

I throw the phone out of my window. And throw you out of my mind.

Evening, you knock on my door. I open for the door give you my dildo with a small note saying: “insert me in your hole”. I close the door and go back to bed.


marooned84 said...

That's by far the most twisted piece of writing I've come by in your blog!

poshlemon said...

Keep them twisted. I just love this blog and most of the stuff you write for their twisted, weird, dark, somber, heinous character. This is a compliment.