Thursday, 23 April 2009

My sardonic infatuation*

Today I feel like a drug addict who has just quit sniffing.
My body aches and hurts.

I have chills of cold rushing from my back to toes.

Today I decided to quit on him.
Will you scratch my back one last time?

I crave hallucinations

And sonar blow jobs

I long for the sound of him, inhaling, exhaling my poison.

Today I went to work naked.

The ashes all over my desk hypnotized my thoughts.

The gazes of people around me did not stir my self-consciousness.

I saw him in my drawer, in my cup of coffee and on my shelf.

Come take me out of here.

Somewhere, anywhere, I don’t care.

His ghost is worse than my drugs.

Pieces of me*


DC said...

this one's got some stellar lines:

"sonar blow jobs"
"today i went to work naked"
"i saw him... in my cup of coffee"
"exhaling my poison"

nice verse :)

poshlemon said...

agreed with DC.